What is the Purpose of Advertising?

What is the Purpose of Advertising?

Do you advertise to “bring people in” or to “keep your name before the public?” Advertising can and should be much more specific, more exact:

The purpose of advertising is to create an equity position in a target market and to reach and motivate a sufficient number of consumers so that a business can realize a specific growth objective.

An “Equity Position” in the context of your advertising is when people think of your business when they have a need for the product/service you sell. The equity position in a market would be when the consumer thinks of your business FIRST.

The object of advertising is to first have an impact on the mind of the consumer followed by or accomplished simultaneously with an impact on the spending of the consumer. As you can see, that’s just about the opposite of the way most local advertisers think. Most local advertising is aimed at one thing, which is motivating a consumer to buy right now through price consideration. The ads center on spending, but they almost never take equity position into consideration.

The bad news is that you have competition, like it or not. The good news is most of your additional prospects -thus your growth- will come from pulling prospects away from your competitors. The more competitors, the more available prospects. The more available prospects, the more growth available.

Mike Vandling