Mailing Services

Mailing Services to Suit Your Business Needs

Backyard saver is more that just coupons! We offer many other mailing services to make your life easier.

mailing services
  • Complete Online Inventory Management System
  • Fulfillment and Distribution
  • Wireless Barcoding
  • Drop Shipping
  • International Drop Shipping

Kit Packing Services

You can rely on us for complete project management of custom kitting and distribution. Whether you need warehousing, response fulfillment, or international drop shipping, we’ll orchestrate the execution, tracking, and reporting of the process so you can breathe easy.

Online Inventory Services

Any product, any shape, any size, any quantity we know how to pack it, ship it, fulfill it and distribute it. Our mailing and fulfillment center is fully integrated, giving you the ability to integrate fulfillment with inventory or print-on-demand promotions. Our mailing services system tracks every piece of your inventory from incoming orders to outbound logistics, and operates with ultimate security and pinpoint precision.

Bulk Mailing Services

Bulk mail advertising is a great way to reach new customers. Companies are facing several direct mail challenges. These challenges include; designing concepts that resonate with customers to rising postal costs and delivering the right materials on time. Backyard Saver’s mailing experts are among the best in the country. Our experts can also handle any mail volume and reach any audience. We will handle bulk mail and manage all campaigns from design to door.

Direct Mail Postcards

Need to market your company but can’t handle the labor of distribution? Let us do the work FOR YOU! We design, print, and mail your company’s direct mail postcard along with each Backyard Saver magazine. Direct Mail Postcards (also known as Detached Address Labels, or DALs) reach consumers directly and track the consumers responses.

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