Affordable Small Business Marketing Strategy

Affordable Small Business Marketing Strategy

Use a Slogan to Effectively Position your Brand

When you are looking to build a direct mail small business marketing strategy, there are two types of Positioning that come into play. Your competitive position is the positioning of your business relative to your competitors. Your equity position is defined by your customers’ ability to differentiate you from your competition. You gain a competitive position by developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). You gain an equity position by consistent exposure of your USP through advertising. The way to get your USP quickly into the minds of the consumer is with the use of a positioning statement or slogan.

affordable small business marketing strategy

A Positioning Statement separates you from your competition, and helps your customers remember your message.

Furthermore, it actually begins to identify itself with your business in the minds of the customer. A positioning statement for a restaurant:

“Steaks so good you’ll want to pay more!”

Because of it’s strong wording, this Positioning Statement separates the restaurant using it from competitors. Therefore, if heard/seen/read often enough, it begins to find a permanent place in the minds of the customers. In other words, the Positioning Statement has aided in establishing an Equity Position with those customers.

Equity Position means that the people exposed frequently to the Positioning Statement of this business will think of this business when they think of eating out.

Consistency as a small business marketing strategy

Make sure you are continually thinking of ways expand your small business marketing strategy! This will effectively position your business relative to your competitors. Then consistently and frequently let the customers in your market know it. Your slogan belongs on each and every marketing piece that your customer sees – from your business cards to your website to any direct mail marketing that ends up in the homes of your customers. The idea here is to expose through your Unique Selling Proposition what you have that’s literally unique about your business, or to create a Perception of being unique.

“Bloomington’s Only (or First, Largest, Friendliest, etc.) 24-Hour Printer.”

“The Sports Shop With the Largest Inventory in Three States.”

“Smith’s Full Time Florist. We Deliver Love Seven Days a Week.”

Positioning your business is a make or break rule when it comes to growth through advertising. A slogan can help. Make sure your business is consistently in the minds of your customers. Consider a direct mail small business marketing strategy today!

Matt Knueven