Five Indesputable Reasons to Advertise All the Time

Five Indesputable Reasons to Advertise All the Time

If your doors are open, you should be advertising. Here are five indisputable reasons why:

1. People Shop All The Time
You’re not advertising to a standing army. You’re advertising to a passing parade. Different people are shopping all the time for goods and services you sell, and they’ll buy those goods or services from you or from your competitors.

2. People Move
As much as twenty five percent of your market is mobile each year. Each time a household in your area replaces itself, you have a chance to educate and motivate a new customer. There are always new customers to educate and motivate.

3. People Forget
How many advertising impressions do you remember from yesterday, not counting your own or your competitors? You received ad impressions by the thousands when you browsed the internet, used your cell phone, read the paper, looked at the TV or listened to the radio.

4. People Often Take Their Time Before Buying
Most people are impulse buyers, but not when it comes to larger purchases such as appliances, cars, and houses. Your job is to keep yourself out in front of the consumer throughout the buying cycle:

  • Deciding to shop
  • Making final determinations on product, brand and price
  • Actively shopping
  • Making the purchase

If you advertise all the time, you have a better chance of getting the buyer’s attention, and their inquiry.

5. To Establish An EQUITY Position In The Consumer Community
Remember, an equity position among consumers is: When someone needs your product or service, they think of you first.

The objective is this: Get into a customer’s brain and you’ll get into his/her bank account.
The way to gain an equity position among consumers is simple. Consistently expose three things about you to the consumer community: Your name, your location(s), and your unique selling proposition.

Mike Vandling