Direct Mail Postcard Program

Detached Address Label (DAL)

Cost Effective Custom Direct Mail Marketing Solutions

Direct Mail Postcard Example

Need to market your company but can’t handle the distribution? Let us do the work FOR YOU! We design, print, and mail your company’s direct mail postcard along with each Backyard Saver magazine. Direct Mail Postcards (also known as Detached Address Labels, or DALs) reach consumers directly and track their responses. You always know the results of your marketing efforts and can easily adjust your targeted mailings.

Our DAL is used as the delivery vehicle for Backyard Saver Magazine, but it is not in any way attached or included in the magazine- it is a stand-alone piece. Backyard Saver produces cost-effective, customized, targeted advertisements designed to help businesses deliver their message in Mason, OH; West Chester, OH; and Northern Kentucky. Custom eye-catching design and unique visibility provide a very effective means to reach your targeted customers. Have a solo mail piece in the mailbox without the solo mail cost!


Why Use Backyard Saver Direct Mail Postcards?

direct mail postcard sample
  • Cost Effective: Backyard Saver is able to leverage post office delivery rules and minimize delivery expense. Postcards are designed, produced, and delivered straight to the mailbox.
  • High Visibility: Eye-catching designs are delivered separately in the consumer’s mailbox. Our direct mail postcards (or DALs) are delivered to the mailbox at the same time as our magazine, but sit separately in the mailbox. Due to their location outside the magazine, they offer a very bold and unique high-visibility option.
  • Fully Customized Design: Make your brand image stand out with a custom designed postcard featuring your company’s special offers.

Backyard Saver custom designed postcards are your low cost, high visibility, broad reach champion!

Benefits of a Backyard Saver Direct Mail Postcard

  • Superb lead generator
  • Stand alone piece that creates distinction and differentiation from your competitors while building brand awareness for your business
  • Each postcard carries a resident address to track your ad campaign responses
  • Customized to specific demographics in zip codes desired most

Services Included with Backyard Saver Direct Mail Postcard Program

  • Custom Design
  • Layout
  • Print
  • List Management
  • Mailing
  • Consultation on Ad Campaign


*Only one postcard can be executed per zone per month. Payment must be made in full ahead of ordering. Size of the direct mail postcard is 5.5” x 8”. Must be saturation mailings of all carrier routes selected. Minimum of 5,000 pieces.

Please note that our DAL must be mailed within our mailing distribution list. Our “Anytime Postcard” can be mailed anywhere and is not limited to our magazine distribution list.

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