Direct Mail Advertising Headlines

Direct Mail Advertising Headlines

Direct Mail Advertising Headline Hints

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In direct mail advertising the headline is the ad for the ad. Here are a few headline hints for advertising:

First, avoid using reversed type (white type on a black background) for any more than a small portion of your ad. It’s harder for people to read. Reverse type can also make the ad look cheap, especially on magazine pages and direct mail advertising postcards.

Second, don’t use all capital letters. Letters that are a mix of UPPER and lower case, like in this sentence, make it easier to read and it looks better THAN ALL CAPS. Smallcaps (smallcaps) is another variant to use because it can attract the viewers attention.

Third, keep the headline relatively short, less than 15 words. Make sure the headline is just that, a shortened version of the body copy, a teaser. Headlines can be very effective when posed as a question people want to know an answer to, like: “There Are Two Types Of Consumers, Which One Are You?”

Last, put quotation marks around the headline. Using this simple trick will get 25% better results.

Advertising Headline Types of Elements

There are two basic elements of effective copy for local media in direct mail advertising. The two types of elements are permanent elements and variable elements.

Permanent Elements

The permanent elements are elements that are always included in each ad. Those elements include your name, location, and Unique Selling Proposition. Think of anything that doesn’t change in your ads. These are the elements that are designed to create an equity position with Future Buyers.

Variable Elements

The variable elements are those elements that can and do change from time to time. An example is the price of a product/service or the benefits/features of the product/service. These elements are designed to attract the Now Buyer. The permanent and variable elements are the superstructure of the ad.

Mike Vandling