About Us

What is Backyard Saver?

Direct Mail Coupon Magazine by Backyard Saver

Backyard Saver is a highly unique, grass roots advertising publication and direct mailing service company providing locally-based marketing solutions and brand awareness, focusing on the small business community.

Backyard Saver offers a wide variety of products, including: Backyard Saver Magazine, detached address label mailing, bulk mail services, and more!

Who We Are:

  • We are local
  • We are who we mail to, your neighborhood family and business owner
  • We are relevant, we are focused, we are effective and we care

What We Do for Business Owners:

  • We will show you how to create distinction and differentiation from your competitors
  • We are your problem solvers for marketing and advertising
  • We want to tell your story
  • We are your community advocate
  • It’s competitive out there, we know this. Stand out from your competitors. We bring consumers directly to you!

What distinguishes Backyard Saver from other direct marketing organizations in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky?

Direct Mail Coupon Magazine by Backyard Saver
  • New Business Focus. Backyard Saver has helped businesses of all types acquire and retain new customers with high quality printing and direct marketing solutions. Our team of dedicated, passionate, on-site direct marketing specialists, customer service associates and creative professionals ensures seamless production, printing, mailing and shipping. When you partner with Backyard Saver, you get start-to-finish direct mailing campaigns all under one roof.
  • Direct Mail Focus. The professionals at Backyard Saver are experts in direct mail, and have the experience to help guide your direct mail program from start to finish.
  • Business Focus. Unlike our competitors, we mail to businesses. We are a B2B organization, and we build a B2B community through responsible networking.
  • Local Consumer Focus. Not all residents of a community are within our clients’ targeted demographics. We research and then eliminate consumers who do not fit the characteristics most business owners seek, thus focusing on consumers who will more likely act on our clients’ offers. Unlike some of our competitors who mail to over 600,000 consumers, most of whom don’t live within 5 miles of the businesses advertising, we stay local. We mail in small manageable increments. But we do reach the whole community in their backyard by the thousands.
  • Client Centric Focus and Approach. Only one thing is important to your Backyard Saver representative- your complete satisfaction.

We are present. We Listen. We Visit. We assess the quality and quantity of business our marketing program is generating.

Support your local community. Stay Local…Shop Local…Be Local…In Your BACKYARD

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