Direct Mail Marketing – 15 Reasons Why You Should Use It

Direct Mail Marketing – 15 Reasons Why You Should Use It

15 Reasons Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing has stood the test of time, and with good reason. There are many benefits for choosing direct mail over the other marketing alternatives.

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Top 15 reasons Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing

    1. Direct Mail Marketing is Highly Targeted. One of the most effective parts about direct mail marketing is that it can target exactly who you want to reach. It can be targeted to households and individuals in local areas. This target base can also be off of multiple layers of segmentation criteria. You can reach a lot of people easily. Use bulk mail techniques to reach your customer base.
    2. Direct Mail is More Personal. In today’s digital landscape, digital personalization has lost its flare. When every email and digital ad attempts to reference your name, and more often than not, gets it wrong. Maybe that’s why “70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet”. Mail marketing engraves a message tailored just for your audience. It also makes people feel special. In a way that only a direct mailer piece or letter can.
    3. Direct Mail is Tangible. Direct mail gives people something to hold on to. This is unique and important in this digital era. Being able to touch, open, and experience direct mail, makes it a more sincere experience.
    4. Direct Mail Stands Out. It’s very noticeable when you receive something in the mail. In fact, many people look forward to checking their mailboxes when they get home. Seeing the bright colors, intriguing messages, and cutting open the mail to see what’s inside is all part of what makes mail stick out from its counterparts.
    5. People Admire Effort. People take notice at mail for the effort it takes to produce it. Great direct mail pieces make people look twice.
    6. Mail Marketing Lasts Longer. 80% of people say they can remember direct mail that was sent to them for up to a month! Unlike the digital alternatives, direct mail typically stays in the household for a while. This leaves the opportunity for larger impressions and better engagement levels.
    7. People Read Direct Mail Marketing. Over 90% of households bring in their mail every day. People spend on average 25 minutes reviewing all of their mail. You can rest assured people are at least reading your mail pieces as opposed to overlooking it in the digital realm.
    8. Direct Mail Has Great ROI. On average the DMA states that, “direct mail marketing gives a business a 13 to 1 return on investment”. Although it’s often very difficult to calculate the precise ROI of any given marketing campaign, the long tested record of direct mail marketing proves to be a profitable one.
    9. Mail Marketing Ranks Highest in Authority. Mail out performs all other marketing alternatives when it comes to authority. For formal and professional services, this can prove to be quite the advantage.
    10. Direct Mail Marketing has the Greatest Levels of Engagement. People interact best with direct mail because it’s right in front of them. People are checking their mail and spending up to 25 minutes daily reading it. This also gives mail engagement levels like no other form of marketing.
    11. Mail Marketing Offers Less Spam Than Digital. Email accounts now consist of well over 70% spam. It’s no wonder why mail marketing is making more sense than ever. Use this form of marketing to gain those more impactful responses.
    12. Direct Mail is More Formal. Mailers offer the ability to present information in the most formal matter. Whether with a letter, or a stylized invitation; mailers are subtle and professional.
    13. People Hold Onto Direct Mail. People will hold onto their mail for months before tossing it away. This gives you the extra impressions to create a meaningful engagement with your customers.
    14. People Trust You More With Direct Mail Marketing. Trust is such an important part of marketing and selling both your product, and yourself. With direct mail, one of the added benefits is the trust component. As stated by contributing writer at, Craig Simpson. He says, “People are suspicious and careful in the online world. This caution is entirely to the detriment of your sales message.” He goes on to add, “Consumers are bound to trust your direct mail sales piece more than they would a suspiciously fancy email.”
    15. Influences Purchasing Behavior Over Other Alternatives, Especially in Baby Boomers. In a recent 2015 study released by Watershed Publishing, direct mail marketing ranked the highest for influencing purchasing decisions among Baby Boomers. If your target market falls into this Baby Boomer demographic, you should undoubtedly be considering mail marketing for your next marketing campaign.

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