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Direct mail marketing by Backyard Saver is a very cost-effective way to reach a large audience.

Direct mailing campaigns are essential to your company’s success. Backyard Saver offers you an easy, affordable way to prospect or stay in touch with your clients and customers through our advertising magazine and full line of direct mail capabilities.

If you want to drive sales, increase brand awareness, get donations and communicate with customers, direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics.

Backyard Saver direct mail marketing

The Backyard Saver Difference

The fundamental goal is to help businesses create the ultimate customer experience for every client, for every prospect, every single time.

The most important question that businesses should be asking is:

How does the customer and prospect tell the difference between us and our competition?

If there isn’t a perceived difference then why should they do business with you, or it just becomes a price war.

You don’t have to out-spend your competition, you have to out-think them!

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From our Customers

Learn how direct mail marketing helps our clients succeed!

“I would recommend Backyard Saver to anyone who wants to grow their business. They helped me create distinction and differentiation from my competitors, and keep me top of mind with consumers. I would put Backyard Saver up against any other competitor and Backyard Saver over exceeds all of them.”
– Gary Johnson, Owner G. Johnson Remodeling

Our Products and Services

Backyard Saver is proud to offer a variety of direct mail solutions! Our product line includes a quarterly savings magazine full of local deals for all types of industries. In addition to inclusion in our coupon magazine, Backyard Saver customers enjoy a digital presence with printable coupons available on our website. Other direct mail marketing and business solutions include: direct mail postcards, bulk mailing, online inventory management, fulfillment and distribution, wireless barcoding, and drop shipping!

We’d love to partner with you! Please fill our our form or contact Backyard Saver via telephone at 513-633-6342.

The future of Direct Mail Advertising Starts here!

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